Why Away Fans Park With Us

As avid football fans ourselves, we know that following our football team means long distance travel around the country and sometimes your best option is to simply drive. However, you’ll often find that parking at different stadiums can be inconvenient at best.

If you’re planning to travel by car to your side’s game against Cardiff City, here’s a few reasons why you might consider parking at Gol Football Centres, Cardiff

We’re closely located to Cardiff City Stadium

Based just a 10 minute walk away from the away end, you won’t need to worry about walking miles and miles to get to the game. Even better, much of that 10 minute walk takes place on one long road which leads to the stadium so navigation won’t be an issue.

We have excellent facilities

Our pristine 3G pitches are normally our main attraction but for parkers, having both male and female restrooms is more useful! We also have large changing rooms.

Kids play on our pitches for free

As mentioned above, our 3G pitches are hugely popular with customers – attracting close to 300 teams who ply their trade in our leagues every week (which is the largest of any centre in the UK). If you’ve brought the little ones with you, they’ve got the green light to take a ball and head to the pitch…for free!

£5 parking but get a £5 voucher in return

This essentially means that parking with us is free. When you arrive, check yourself in at our reception area and we’ll give you a £5 voucher which you can use in our bar/lounge area.

The voucher is redeemable against anything at our bar – no Ts and Cs, purchase anything you want. FYI – we’ve got beers, ciders, soft drinks, confectioneries and hot food available.

We have a bar/lounge area

As discussed above, one of the most ideal aspects of parking at our centre is the fact that we have a bar area with drinks and food – ideal after a long drive.

For a small establishment, people are often pleasantly surprised by the sheer amount of products available. Being away fan friendly, we often find both home and away fans alike mingling and discussing the game – our Welsh football memorabilia is often a popular topic of conversation too.

Not to mention – we also have 3 TVs (including a behemoth 60” screen) in the bar area with BT Sport, Sky Sports and Amazon Prime all set up.

You can pre-book a space online

With the option available to purchase a parking space online, you can be safe in the knowledge that you won’t need to drive around endlessly waiting for an empty space to appear. Once your space is purchased, it’ll be reserved until you arrive.